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Whatever your travel need is. We’ve got you covered. Being a true full service provider we cover all components for your business trip to New York to meet an important client, for your summer vacation with your kids in Disneyland, Paris. Or for a simple weekend getaway to Dubai. We have it all.

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Great Journeys. Exotic Destinations


Whether you are taking a short or a long haul flight, our flight booking services are just the ticket to get you started. With an extensive network of airlines and partners, we provide costefficient travel services for business and leisure. From domestic to international flights, we go the extra mile in making sure that you have all you need.

Your home away from home

Accommodation Booking Services


With over 350,000 hotels and resorts in our extensive network, rest easy knowing your dream accommodation is just a click away. Whether you are looking for a city break, an exotic beach getaway or a luxury hotel stay, our hotel booking service caters to your every accommodation need anywhere in the world. Contact us today 920010788 .

Booking services include
  • Hotels & Resorts

    Relax at luxury hotel chains or exotic beachside getaways. adventure you’ve been dreaming of.

  • Apartments & Villas

    Family friendly apartments or sprawling villas await you at your destination.

  • Special Accommodation

    From picturesque lakeside houses to adventure skiing resorts, choose from a variety of unique accommodation options.

Arrive in Style

Rent a car that fits your style


Exhilarating. Stylish. Opulent. Rent a car that fits your lifestyle. Fursan Travel’s vehicle rental services give you access to a wide range of vehicle makes and models and peace of mind as you travel in comfort. We understand the need for a straightforward booking experience, competitive terms and minimum paperwork.

Our quick and easy booking process ensures a hassle free experience at the best prices and ensures you get the vehicle you want at the price you can afford.

Luxury chauffeured services for VIPs and busy executives are also available. Enquire at our VIP desk for the ultimate experience in luxury travel.

  • Self drive

    Confident to drive – go for a ride alone.

  • Chauffeur drive

    Too stressed to drive or unknown territory. Just get a chauffeur and relax.

Travel without worries

Visa Application Services

Visa Services

Nobody likes to wait in line, which is why we can take care of all your visa application requirements for your trip. Whether you need a straightforward single entry tourist visa or a more complicated business visa, our team of visa experts will ensure your visa application is quickly and accurately processed, in time for your trip.

In addition to assistance with visa applications, we can also help you obtain your international driving license so you can drive a vehicle anywhere in the world. Give yourself a break and let us take care of the paperwork for you.

Travel with peace of mind

Travel Insurance Services


Choosing the right insurance is as important as choosing the right travel provider. Fursan Travel Insurance, underwritten by Al Rajihi Takaful, provides a wide range of travel insurance to business and leisure travellers.

We know that having peace of mind can turn your travels into an even better one. For complete peace of mind when you travel, speak to our team of travel experts today 920010788 .

Our travel insurance includes
  • Emergency Medical Assistance

    Anytime, anywhere. 24 hours 7 days a week.

  • Trip Curtailment, Cancellation and Postponement

    For those unforeseen circumstances.

  • Personal Liability Insurance

    Protecting your assets through claims and damages to third party property.

Bespoke Assistance. VIPs only.

Discrete and Exclusive Services

VIP Services

Whether you are booking on behalf of a VIP or arranging a trip for a special someone, our VIP services will ensure a smooth and memorable experience from the second you leave home to your arrival at the dream destination. Our extensive range of personalised services will ensure you get the personal touch you deserve. Anytime, anywhere in the world.

Services include
  • Exclusive Hotel Reservations

    Special arrangements – we’ll take care of it

  • Priority Flight Bookings

    Need help to clear a waitlist – we make the impossible possible

  • Personalised Meet and Assist Services

    Foreign territory – we’ll ensure someone takes well care of you

  • Luxury Car Services

    Travel without stress – a luxury limousine with a great chauffeur is what you need

  • Private Jet Bookings

    Don’t want to fly commercial – we surely can help you with a private jet booking fitting your needs

MICE Made Simple

Meetings and Incentives Performance Travel

Arranging & organising (MICE) services

Fursan Travel is a leading provider of Management of Meetings, Incentive Travel Programmes, Conferences and Events (MICE) services throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond. We design powerful programmes that reflect your company’s branding and vision.

Be it a company incentive trip to a regional destination, a trip to reward your top performers or a senior management planning retreat, we have the solution for you. Our MICE services are designed to take the stress out of some of the hardest parts of business, so just ask for our help with:

  • Meetings

    Swift assistance with venue bookings, audiovisual equipment and logistics.

  • Conferences

    Creative themed conferences that energise, reinvigorate or simply raise awareness for your brand.

  • Incentive Travel Programmes

    Rewarding your top performers through unique and memorable experiences.

  • Events

    From skiing, cooking, adventure travel to other designer event experiences, we design unique events that celebrate your company’s milestones and achievements.